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KHSMSA.Kerala Health Services Ministerial Staff Association is the one and only organization for the ministerial staff of Health Services Department ,irrespective of party politics. It stands for the overall development and welfare of its members.This website intends to provide education and information to the members as well as its viewers. It gives opportunity to share suggestions and opinion .It ensures awareness in service rules by updating the data and knowledge for qualitative changes. This organization is committed for a better and efficient civil service.
News & Events
Pay Revision Soft Ware
Date: 01-02-2016
Pay Fixation Software for PR 2014 is now available under utilities. Credit acknowledged to Sri. Safeeq of keralaservice.org
Classes on Income Tax & Pay Revision
Date: 01-02-2016
Class on Income Tax calculation & TDS by Sri. Biju K Rajendran Tax Consultant, Allenkit Assignments Ltd (Fore noon Session) & Lecture on 10th Pay Revision & Pay Fixation by Sri. Anilkumar Senior AA (After Noon Session). on 01/02/2016. Do not miss these important sessions.
Income Tax Calculator 2015-16
Date: 11-01-2016
Income Tax Calculator Software Easy Tax 2015-2016 is now available under utilities tab. Credits acknowledged to Al Rahiman.
Notes on SPARK
Date: 21-12-2015
Notes on various aspects of SPARK prepared by Sri.Anishkumar T R, DMU, Ernakulam is now available @ reference library. Please check out Reference Library >> SPARK.
നേതൃസംഗമം - 2015
Date: 12-12-2015
ഏറണാകുളം ജില്ലാ കമ്മറ്റിയുടെ ആഭിമുഖ്യത്തിൽ 2015 ഡിസംബർ 12 ന് ആലുവാ ബ്ലഡ്‌ ബാങ്ക് ഹാളിൽ വച്ച് നടക്കുന്ന നേതൃ സംഗമം 2015 എന്ന പരിപാടിയിലേക്ക്‌ എല്ലാവര്ക്കും സ്വാഗതം -- കാര്യപരിപാടി (1) സംസ്ഥാന നേതാക്കൾക്ക് സ്വീകരണം, (2) നേത്രുപാടവത്തി ലെക്കുള്ള പടവുകൾ - Leadership Training Program led by Dr.Narayanan Namboothiri , Leading Management Consultant. (3) മുൻകാല നേതാക്കളെ ആദരിക്കൽ, (4) Seminar - സംഖടനാ ചരിത്രവും ബൈ ലോകളും,Leading Speaker Sri. Reji Mathew Former State Secretary.


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