Welcome to the idea of the new administrator. Administration as an art & science has undergone tremendous changes over a period of time, especially so in the last one decade. With the advent of the concept of globalization, came many innovative ideas in administration and management. These rapid changes were carried to the last mile by breathtaking developments in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Distance and boundaries amongst land and mindscapes have collapsed, the barriers of time & space have disappeared. Humanity is increasingly getting integrated into a small Global Village bound together by the World Wide Web (WWW). Today the spark of a new idea in any corner of the world can impact us as quickly as it ignites, the social media led little revolutions in the middle east and central Asia (tulip revolution & jasmine revolution) and its impact on various movements & campaigns in India and Kerala are excellent examples of an integrated world . Men and Women across the globe have started to walk, talk, think, eat, drink, dress,  and even look alike. It’s not my intention to debate the merit of these changes. But its indeed my objective to ask whether we as a community of public servants and service providers to the weaker and weakest sections of the society are up to the challenges thrown up by these whirlwinds of rapid changes buzzing around us. Or are we presuming, as always, that nothing has ever changed and nothing will ever change.
In my view, the challenge is to understand the change and manage the change without being swept away by it. Efficiency, Effectiveness & Speed of response has become the new mantra of program & policy implementation. The citizen is now aware of their rights in our democratic society. They are increasingly impatient with the system and its lack of dynamism and responsiveness. Every citizen expects every service to be readily made & ready to deliver as soon as possible, they are no longer prepared to wait endlessly as in the past. This has huge implications for us as public servants. The relevance of our existence in the system is being questioned, alternate mechanisms (SSA, NHM, NREGA, Direct cash transfer etc) have experimented. The times demand that we as a community of service providers need to put our acts together, we need to adapt to the changing paradigm or be consumed by the changes. To that end, let us gather ourselves, dust-up, stand up on our feet, and be counted. Today administration is not merely pen pushing as it was perceived earlier, now its multitasking of mind-boggling proportion.  A ministerial staff has to wear many caps like that of an HR manager, Finance Manager, Logistics Manager, Quality Controller, Public relation officer, Liaison Officer, Communicator, Legal Expert, Mediator Project Manager etc, etc. To be up to it,  we need to constantly renew, refresh and update ourselves in terms of information, knowledge, skill and above all willingness to adapt and change. We must be able to stand up to the winds of change and turn the tides to our advantage. Else, we will sure be discarded to the Jurassic Park of administrative evolution.
On this existential issue, KHSMSA as a leading professional organization would like to join hands with like-minded professionals of the Kerala State Health Services Department.   Let’s pledge to awake, arise and toil tirelessly until we make a difference to the society through the profession. If we could put our hearts, heads and minds together, nothing can ever stop us, Indeed, nothing in this world can ever stop an idea whose time has come. This website is designed with these lofty ideals in mind, i.e to equip you to face the challenges of our times and to prepare you to confront them head-on.

Let us hit the ground running, let us start with a positive resolve…


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